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What I like the most about Unraid is that it's perfect for home experiments. The simplicity and the time saves are motivating me to try more and more complexe things without thinking about what a pain it will be to setup a VM correctly and passing everything to it. The UI helps a lot to find configuration errors too.


It would be really cool to have an "clean USB devices" in the VM editor because if I unplug a keyboard or something the VM won't start anymore and where is no why without passing trough the XML editor to delete the device and be able to start the VM again.

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I like how it just works, with all other server systems I've used I would have to reboot when things stopped but with unraid I just set it up and forget about it.


Something to add, the one thing I always seem to struggle with VMs I don't know if that can be improved.

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The thing I like most about Unraid is the ability to build your own Storage and Compute appliance to a level that meets your requirements. 


Coming from a Synology, I'd love to see a way to connect to my NAS without a VPN or Port forwarding like Quickconnect. More applications from the community similar in functionality to the built in apps. (DS Photo, DS File, Drive/Cloud, DS Audio DS Cam, etc) though I do realize some of this functionality probably does exist with some Dockers (I'm still discovering!) 

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I love UnRaid because it allows me to use all my hard drives past and present which allows my system to grow as time goes on.  Going from an internal RAID and the Drobo which really worked for me for a few years but I was headed for a far more costly growth cycle.


What I would like to see for 2020 is better integration of the GPU. 

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I've been using Unraid for years and early on, I did a lot of searching for command and limitations to get it to work back in the version 3-4 days. That seems to be gone now. What I like the most? Unraid is one of the most flawless OS I've ever had the pleasure of using. Adding drives, replacing drives, adding docker instances, getting the information I need out of it, it just works. The same server has sat in various closets over the years, the OS has updated, but it ultimately hasn't had to change. I no longer have to search around trying to get this and that to work. Its just worked.


It came time to expand my drives over black Friday and I overthought the entire process. Trying to copy files from one drive to another drive. Turned out none of that was necessary. You just remove one drive, put in the other, and like magic Unraid rebuilds the data from a single parity drive. Forget how easy and hassle free that statement is. The amount of safety and peace-of-mind I now have about the whole server is immense. I always thought it's RAID function sounded like magic, but once you see that magic actually work, you become a believer. I fully believe my data is safe and now I cant shut up about it to my coworkers.


What would I like to see in the next year? Maybe for some of the third party stuff to become first party. There's a lot of little things out there, probably more than I'm aware of, that you can add to Unraid's list of plugins that add functionality and customization that maybe should be there already by default. I understand having an OS install be as bare as possible. There's a lot of Dynamix, Unassigned Devices, and CA plugins that I've added that feel like they just add some of the customization and visibility that should already be there. Unraid is slowly becoming less of an "Advanced" OS and more of an "Anyone can use" OS. Version 6 has made huge strides towards ease of use. You still have to be a little "in the know" to install a few of these to add things the server needs. I trust Unraid so much now, but I still feel like I have a lot of plugins made by the community, which has the potential of being hit or miss. 


Thanks Unraid for making me feel like my license purchase all those years ago was perfectly validated and never wasted. 

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I have unraid basic license. 


Like :

Easy swap harddrive and storage expansion. 

Easy webgui, Linux base and can run on allmost any hardware. 


Future request:


Get focus on small fish, I think many home users will buy basic licsense if unraid use storage size limitation instead of drive limitation. 😊 

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Im a very new user of UnRaid and have only been using it for the last week or so but I genuinely love it!  :)


I don't know enough about it so far but unless Im wrong which is a good chance I would like to see a way to easily transfer files off of hard drives via SATA or USB3 directly to a new Array. Currently Im transferring over gigabit and its going slooooow lol.


Keep up the great job UnRaid team and I look forward to being a long term customer :)

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Love the native docker support, its so easy to spin up a docker and test some new open source software.


3 licenses and counting and pondering the need for a 4th server 😃


2 of these only have 3 2.5in hard drives, so would love native ssd support for the protected storage, for fast docker servers for web services hosting type of tasks.

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I'm loving the all in one capability unRAID gives me - it's my gaming VM, my NAS and it runs all of the docker contains I need for local servers!


I would love it if there is a way of being able to VNC into a GPU pass through enabled VM. This would be really handy when something goes wrong with pass through and you want to check without needing to boot the VM up specifically in VNC mode.

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On 12/27/2019 at 11:27 AM, SpencerJ said:

The Unraid forum is about to hit a major milestone: 100,000 members! As of Christmas time, 2019, we're sitting at approximately 99,000 forum members. To commemorate this awesome community achievement, let's do another giveaway!


What's at stake?

  • 90 winners will receive limited-edition Unraid case badges! These 2x2 inch domed, polyurethane server badges will look great on your own home lab (badges not for sale, sorry)!
  • 9 winners will receive an Unraid case badge AND a $25 gift card to the Unraid merch store.
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner: receives a case badge, a $25 gift card AND an Unraid pro license! Pretty sweet huh!?


See the linked blog post for pics and additional info!


How to Enter:

Simply tell us:

  • one thing you like most about Unraid


  • one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020



That's it! Winners will be drawn at random from the forum entrants here. 

At our current rate, we will likely hit 100,000 members late January or early February 2020. Follow the Unraid twitter account for periodic forum # updates!


Entries will close as soon as we hit 100,000 forum members so don't delay in entering! Good luck.



I've found Unraid about 6th months ago and enjoying every minute of it over VMware. VMware support for passthrough devices are 50/50 and a lot of the time is doesn't work. Since I can passthrough all devices through in Unraid I have been able on one system to run four gaming system on it and on another make big nas server and running video and storing much data.


The only thing that could be added is better driver compatibility with network card like 10Gigibits.

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The feature I like most is how easy it is to recover from a drive failure. I've seen my fair share of failed drives, so I opted for dual parity as soon as it was added.


I'd like to see native support for Nvidia GPU's in Docker added in 2020.  I use hardware transcoding with my Plex docker to keep my server's ageing CPU less busy.

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