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The best feature of Unraid is how easy the WebGUI makes it to setup the system and use dockers/VMs.  (Especially once paired with the Community Applications Plugin!) I also love being able to mix and match hard drive sizes.


My most desired feature is probably the ability to run ARM VMs so I can virtualize some of my Raspberry Pis.


Keep of the great work!  I love Unraid!

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I like the ease of use also, moved from synology diskstation to a DIY NAS and had tried OMV first and had a lot of weird bugs hard to use, loving Unraid so far, love the extensive app support also.


What I would like is a better interface for the scheduler almost a gui representaion, also I would like to see eventual linux kernel 5+ support as I a using am an intel gemini lake based build. Other than that just polishing and bug fixing.

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1) Being able to expand my array with different size drives

2) Snapshots


I'm a new user who's coming from FreeNAS. I liked FreeNAS for its ability to store my data. However, when I wanted to start using it for other things (VMs, Plex Server, PiHole, VPN server, etc) it was waaaaaaaay easier to setup, manage, and learn about (Spaceinvader One videos and community support!!!) with unRAID. unRAID is well worth the cost.

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Things that I liked:

So easy to setup (thanks to spaceinvaderone videos too) and it maximize the potential of my system (1950x and 1080ti). The forum is so helpful, the updates are worth it for new hardwares. 
*The dockers
*The Virtual Machines
*The GUI


Like to see added to the OS in 2020:

Hope there's a duplicate button in VM for XML Changes



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My favorite thing about Unraid, it just works. It's simple and does what I want all the time every time. 


The one thing I would like to see added to the OS is support for SSD drives.


Thanks and congrats!!!


Side note: I hope someone that needs the pro license wins it, I just want a case badge. 

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The best thing about Unraid is that it's easy enough for beginners, but it also allows you to dig deeper and really have fun as you climb the Linux learning curve.  Unraid was my first major foray into using a linux-based system for anything meaningful, and it was simple enough to get going and learn with.  Now I'm comfortable with CLI and really see the limitations of just using a Windows machine for home server stuff.


I hope that Unraid gets better support for fan control and system temp settings.  I'm one of the weird people who don't put their server in a rack in the basement, and I'd like to be able to get away from the motherboard fan controls.

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Congrats on 100k!


What I like most: stability and easy of use. I've recommended unraid to many friends and I very rarely get asked for help. At the same time it's incredibly powerful and allows me to do fun things like virtualize pfsense, have dual parity drives (which worked brilliantly for me during a recent 2 drive failure) and a cache pool. Too many more great things I could mention here..


What I want to see in 2020: keep on keeping on!



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Hello, I am new. I was told about UnRaid about two months ago. Just built a Ryzen 8 core PC with 24GB or RAM for gameing. So it was the perfect time to try UnRaid.... I was blown away!


"One thing you like most about Unraid"


The value it offers.  With the use of VMs, Docker, Parity.... I can do so much stuff the I used to do across multiple computers.


One thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020.


Controls to snapshot or back up a VM or Docker configurations you got right. I messed up my gaming VMs XML and the easiest was out was to start the installer over.

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