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My favorite feature is that just a month ago, my old server had a power supply failure.  I grabbed another server that could support my drives.  Moved my USB stick and drives, booted up, it picked up all my settings and drives.  Just verified they were back in their slots....BAM!  back in business.


Would love to see a more robust Docker config backup or a way to export a config backup and import it through the console instead of command line.

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I simply love unRAID's parity bits system, using a single disk to backup an entire array of varing size drives won me over to build my first home server.


In 2020, I would like for Pro licences to have the ability to manage multiple arrays and host for example an array+parity with larger size disks, and a separate array+parity with smaller disks! ✌️

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I like the Docker and VM integration. What started out as being a simple file server turned into a full fledged web facing server. Ease of use is a close second. Lose a drive? Just drop a new one in, spin up the array and you're back online. Easy peezy. 


I would love to see a full featured file explorer built into Unraid. 

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I've always liked the ability to add any sized drive to the array.


What I would like to see is a mobile friendly version of the GUI!


Love unraid, and have been using it since the early days.  Continuously impressed at what I can do with it!

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Having to work in IT the last thing I want to do when I get home is troubleshoot every little problem, love that unraid gives me full flexibility but also manages the tasks that can be time-consuming, while giving you most troubleshooting within the GUI.


In 2020 I would most like to see a way to mount and copy drives outside of the array natively in the GUI. Many times I will need to plug a foreign drive in to copy to a share (without going over network). If this could be done in a way of copying all disk contents to a created share.


Thanks for the great year



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Thank you for the giveaway guys.


I love that Unraid allows the ease of integrating most of my machines in to one, reducing my energy usage, noise and heat output.


I'd love to see a fully integrated file browser/manager added to Unraid, the dockers are great, but having a native client built in would be amazing.


Have a Very Happy New Year all!


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I love Unraid for the ability to easily and cleanly run Linux, OSX, Windows and Android VM's while Dockers stream my Media Libraries, monitor my home security cameras, filters adverts from my internet, safely stores all my important personal documents and libraries and can still game at high framerates.


I'd like to see custom XML changes persist past template changes, Secondary Arrays, Looking Glass/IVSHMEM integration, SSD/trim support and an option to install a higher functioning GUI with video driver support.

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For me it's also going to be the ease of use and ability to add drives one at a time while also affording parity without striping the data. Also on a personal note, it's been extremely stable as I'm currently on day 55 of uptime on my 2nd trial extension. As someone in a tough financial spot right now, I appreciate the server being stable enough to continue running while I build up the funds to pay for a license.


As for features I'd like to see, the main one would be the ability to snapshot but I'm sure that's more of a file system restriction with XFS. The snapshot feature is the only thing I'd put in the Freenas/ZoL column in a feature comparison. Everything else I prefer Unraid, especially the docker integration which is a dream for someone who wants a home file server with some nice apps and services to automate what would otherwise take a decent amount of time to tend to.

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