btrfs incremental snapshots

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1 minute ago, pyrater said:

anyone using this? Have you had issues? regrets? lessons learned?


Been using this since I got unraid setup.


Takes daily snapshots and no issues at all.


Only real lesson is that you have to clear snapshots to regain space from deleted files but that should go without saying.

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  • 1 month later...

I found myself here looking for answers after watching @SpaceInvaderOne's most recent video "Ransomware vs Snapshots with VMs". This is probably the biggest issue I have with Unraid. Not having native snapshot ability in the GUI is saddening. Thank you for making this script and I would also love to see this turned into a plugin. I hope a new video is on setting this up is on @SpaceInvaderOne's short list since his most recent one was snapshot/ransomware related.

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