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Hi Guys and Gals, 


I've recently purchased the unlimited licence after successfully running the trial for 30 days, without any problems. 

Unfortunately, in the last couple of hours something has been messing up, and I'm not sure where to start!


It first started this morning, when I finally decided everything was running perfectly, so I removed the monitor from the machine and let it sit headless for the first time since commissioning it. About an hour later, I noticed the file transfers had stopped, and when I logged into the webUI, the theme had changed to white, and 'starting services' was flashing at the bottom of the screen. 

I also noticed that Docker and VM's had disappeared from the menu, as well as when I clicked on 'Apps' I receive the disclaimer about the community apps plugin (like on initial install). 


Weird, so I issue a shutdown to the machine and it restarts OK, everything came up again good. 

I've just returned home after 3 hours of uptime, and it's happening again. However, this time part of the dashboard doesn't display (I get CPU usage and memory, ethernet) but the second half of the screen where it shows the shares appears for 1/2 a second then disappears. Multiple times refreshing the page lets me see it for a second, and worryingly, it shows all my shares listed as public. 


In the share page, it lists all of my shares but now as public instead of private with users assigned. 

The first time, the unassigned devices section of the main page continually reloaded, but on this reboot it shows constant. 


I've attached the diagnostics - thanks in advance for any help!!




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Thanks everyone - that's an amazingly swift response. Brilliant community here!! 


I'm in the process of following instructions to replace the USB key with another (better brand) - I'll use a Sandisk one this time. 

I'll revert and let you know if that fixes it. Cheers!!

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You can get a replacement license key once per year using the automatic process. More than that then you have to plead your case to limetech to get a new one.


And in any case you need that backup of flash so you won't have to set everything up again.


And you should boot from a USB2 port regardless.

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For future reference, you can download a zipped backup of flash at Main - Boot Device - Flash - Flash Backup. You should always have a current backup of flash. Take a new backup anytime you make significant changes in the webUI. This is especially important if you make any disk assignment changes (add, replace, remove).

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