[6.8] Removing SSD from Array


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I'm a new unRAID user. When setting things up I added 1x 4TB HDD drive to parity and 2x 4TB HDD drive(s) to the array. I also added a 250GB SSD drive to the array which I intended on using exclusively for domain (VM) storage (I have set the domains share to only include this disk). Other shares are set to exclude it.


I didn't realise that SSDs weren't supported. I'm now not sure if this will be problematic later due to TRIM issues (as I understand it, TRIM should be disabled and I'd guess that write operations shouldn't be huge apart from OS updates).


Should I remove the SSD from the array as this could cause parity problems? If I want to do this, what's the best course of action here?


Thanks in advance :)

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