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Docker containers separate NIC from unRAID

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When I move files across the network and fully saturate my eth0 connection the docker container network performance suffers. I'd have a 4x NIC card I'd like to put the docker traffic on. From what I've read this isn't possible if both of the NICs use the same gateway. I only have one subnet on my network though.


What is a good approach for separating unRAID traffic from docker?

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I too would like to do this. I have tried in the past with my quad nic and the outbound traffic from docker always goes out eth0 (my onboard nic) regardless.

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Went down this rabbit hole a bit. Not sure if this will help you.


On mine, I have a 10GB as my "main" link eth0. Then eth3 is a 1GB nic. I attached the 1GB nic to an extra port on my router, and made a new interface and allowed the two subnets to talk to one another, and I plan on separating where each subnets WAN traffic goes. But, a by-product is I can use either br0 or br3 for dockers for them to go to either nic.


Either that, or just bond all your available bandwidth and call it a day.

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