Allow custom network string for Docker

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Currently when you create a new Docker image, you are allowed to set the network to one of `bridge`, `host`, `none`, or a custom bridge. I would like to be able to specify another container such as `--net=container:networkmonitor` for instance. Ultimately docker-compose support would be ideal as hand-constructing container networks can be problematic, but this would be a simple add that makes it much easier in the short term.

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specially as when u use `none` it will also not work when specify it in extra parameter cause both will be exec


sample when setting to none in docker gui it will

docker exec --net=`none` ....... --net=container:my_container ...



only possible here by manually run the docker exec cmd without the --net=`none` and only keep the --net=container:my_container

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I'm currently going through the trial and this is the first thing I haven't been able to do so far. This would be immensely useful, especially if you want a bunch of containers funnel through a single VPN container, rather than having each of those containers create their own VPN connections.

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FYI there's a workaround.  I found it via  Basically, you create a network named "container:foo".  This network isn't actually used though.  However, it will appear in the network dropdown, which when you select will generate "--net=container:foo" in the command line.  So, create another docker container named "foo" and you're all set.

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