FIXED: Crashing after 30 minutes (random) any help ? Suggestions welcome.

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Hello guys, i experiencing a type of problem, i never seen before. 


I have an Unraid Server with 

Supermicro X8DT3 Board (Socket 1366)

Dual CPU Xeon X5680

48GB of DDR3 ECC Ram.

14 HDDs with 3 TB each.


I get crashes with the Server around every 30 minutes, after i startet the Server when its freshly started, but not frequently it only apears every 2 - 3 times i start the Server.

When it don't crash it can run 3 Days to 1 Week without any problems.


You have ANY kind of help for me ?


I have also the problem that when the Server crashes in the LOG of Unraid nothing can be found bcz it crashes so hard that not even a LOG existing.


Maybe i'm not enough into Unraid to know where to find ALL Logs and where to look at. But it's really frustrating.


EDIT: What i can see now after the reboot is, that the CRC Error Count on 2 Drives rushes up to 400 - 600, i already have replaced all the SATA Cables.

EDIT2: Memtest already done 3x Times. No Erros or Failures.

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On 1/12/2020 at 9:38 AM, said:

Disk4 appears to have a connection problem, replace/swap cables, it would also be a good idea to update the HBA's firmware to latest since it's ancient.

It's finally fixed. Your suggestion with the HBA's Firmware was right. Now after flashing all 3 Raid Controllers to the newest Firmware Fixed the Random Crashes of the Server. How can i thank you ? This was really anoying B$ since the beginning. 

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