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In 2020, any definitive Quicksync guide with Emby? x265. Using Intel Celeron G3930

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Hi.  Wasn't able to get this to work last year, hope this year, it works :D

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I don't understand. What was the problem?

I was happily using G4620 (same generation) just much faster AFAIK.

until all I started needing more horsepower to do software encoding because of some performance issues in Emby with my specific media files.


AFAIK you never responded in your old thread

Also, you need to show us why you think HW accelerated transcoding is not working, otherwise we have no idea what's happening.

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I saw this posted while reading.


Exciting Additions Coming Soon in Emby Server 3.6

Posted by Luke , 01 December 2018 · 24526 views


New and Improved Hardware Acceleration
We have revamped hardware acceleration on all supported platforms for Emby Server. This includes Windows, Linux, Android, NAS devices, and MacOS. We've added some sophisticated hardware detection that allows us to know exactly what your hardware supports, and with this information we can fine tune the transcoding processes to get the most out of your hardware.


This has truly been a massive effort and will continue to be a massive effort going forward into the future. For this reason, hardware acceleration will now require Emby Premiere on most platforms. On some platforms such as Nvidia Shield and certain NAS devices, it will be included freely out of the box.


Could this be my issue?

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You never mentioned that. And based on your previous thread, you did show that Emby was properly detecting your iGPU, so it would mean that either your video isn't HW transcodable, or yes, you need Emby Premiere.

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Yeah, didn’t have premiere.  Currently’ that screenshot is no longer available. I think it may be because Emby server I was using before is an older version. Current updated versions already require premiere. 

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