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"Hacking" attempt confusion - logs and port numbers

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Hello! Recently I've had Fix Common Problems plugin let me know about a hacking attempt. That's definitely what the logs imply. Looks like someone was attempting to connect via a bunch of standard / known users and passwords (this was repeated over two days, and 100's of times a day with similar information):


Jan 9 02:22:03 Tower sshd[1979]: Failed password for mysql from 91.xxx.x.x port 56816 ssh2

Jan 9 02:22:03 Tower sshd[1979]: Connection closed by authenticating user mysql 91.xxx.x.x port 56816 [preauth]

Jan 9 04:43:27 Tower sshd[130858]: Invalid user nginx from 91.xxx.x.x port 52020

Jan 9 04:43:27 Tower sshd[130858]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER

Jan 9 04:43:27 Tower sshd[130858]: Failed password for invalid user nginx from 91.xxx.x.x port 52020 ssh2

Jan 9 04:43:27 Tower sshd[130858]: Connection closed by invalid user nginx 91.xxx.x.x port 52020 [preauth]


The part that I don't understand is the ports, and what this log really means. My server is exposed to the internet, but only on a non-standard port that is forwarded to SSH, and port 80 (redirected to 443)/443. One of the port 443 redirects goes to the unraid web portal, but hidden behind an NGINX auth - on top of the unraid auth itself.


So, my question - how was a login attempt made for these different ports? Beyond taking the access that I have down, what else should I be doing to limit this?




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If you really need to access your server remotely, you should be using a VPN.  Either openVPN or wireguard.

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