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Question regarding Dell PowerEdge and RAID controller card

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First post here, so a total unRAID noob. Also I'm only used to all-in-one Macs for the moment so probably silly questions ahead 😉


Have the chance to get a Dell PowerEdge T710 but i'm not sure if a Dell PERC RAID controller card is actually needed in that machine, to be able to use it as a server for unRAID?


If that Dell PERC RAID controller card is needed, then well i already checked the forums and it seems a flashed H200 in IT-mode works, but the H700 seems to be a different story. So if that RAID controller is needed guess i best go for that flashed H200.

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You don't need, and shouldn't use, a RAID controller with Unraid, you need onboard SATA ports and/or an HBA, like the H200 in IT mode, not familiar with that Dell but as long as there are enough SATA ports onboard or on an HBA that's all you need.

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Thanks for the answer. Guess I'll leave the Dell route behind and go for a self-build server, created a thread for it here.

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