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Questions about other kinds of raid alternative ARRAYS and intergrating them.

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I own a license for UNRAID 6 and have owned it since 2015.  I have not really used it though except for a few hours playing around with it.  I know that it is truly amazing stuff... but I keep getting into situations where tiny little things make me end up using something else.


For the longest time I ran my home from a retail QNAP 16 bay dual 10G system that could double as a router and had a caching system and insane transfer speeds and then I sold it and now I'm using OMV but I feel like now its time to make use of UNRAID...


THE THING IS: is there an easy way for me to use UNRAID but also utilize some sort of other array at the same time without an extra computer?  Meaning I would like to have something a set of 16 3TB drives in ZFS and then a separate array of all the other random drives?  For example right now I have 16 un-provisioned 3TB SAS drives, 15 2TB SAS drives in a mergerfs/snapraid setup (I want to move the data on these to something like a ZFS setup) and then I have a bunch of other drives like a 10TB SATA, 6TB SATA, 5TB SATA, (5) 4TB SATA, (4) 4TB SAS, and (6) 3TB Sata.  I want those random drives to be the UNRAID volume.  I probably wont be using the 2TB SAS drives after moving the data.  Those will probably go to a friend.  It's not worth paying $5-10/m in electricity to run them.


Anyways... I know that UNRAID does great at virtual machines but I'm not sure if it is a great idea to do a virtual machine to run ZFS or something like that.


Any ideas?

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