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Need help BIOS upgrading LSI 9207-8i Controller

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Hi people,


Sorry if my request is dense but I have flashed all kinds of devices before but seem to come up short on how to do it to the LSI 9207-8i Controller.

It is running the latest Firmware: in IT mode.

The BIOS however is a bit outdated so I wanted to upgrade to: since my version is from 2015 and since I am new to all of this I did not want to worry about it after installing Unraid.


I managed to download the latest BIOS from their website here: https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-9207-8i

I used Rufus to make bootable USB

I unzipped the root contents of the BIOS download on to said USB

It boots fine into said USB


This is where I get lost. I need to know exactly what command to type to flash the controller and I read the readme and I understand that I am surely dense but help a fellow out please? I have only one controller plugged in but as I said I have no idea what exact syntax I need to make magic happen. Remember I am new to all of this!


Any help would be appreciated!

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If I understand it correctly, there's no fundamental reason to upgrade the BIOS of the card.  It's really only used to make RAID sets or enumerate the drives at POST.  (As a matter of fact, neither of my LSI cards flashed to IT mode have a BIOS installed at all in them)

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Like mentioned you don't really need a bios, but if you want to update:


sas2flsh.exe -o -b MPTSAS2.ROM



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Thank you both for the swift and excellent replies! 

But mine was shipped with BIOS on them? how would I remove their BIOS and what would be the point to have BIOS or not if you do not mind me asking?

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Following the "how to cross flash thread here", it's instructions and steps include removing the BIOS.


Not having a BIOS simply speeds up the boot process.  In my case though, I simply forgot to reinstall it after I removed it as part of the crossflashing, and have never gotten around to re-installing it.


Either way, the BIOS is more or less pointless in IT mode, as there's no RAID sets to make, and unRaid will simply enumerate the drives itself.  Since every flashing operation entails a slight risk of bricking, I'd just leave well enough alone and not worry about it..

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