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2 Questions need help with - 1) Routes not persistant and 2) perfomance option disabled and not exposed - why?

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Hello again,


Im still struggling on with unraid as a new user to the product, and still going strong with my home setup on old kit I had lying about. I did have a couple of additional questions that have come up. The first is if I add a route in settings - network settings - routing table, then the route is gone after I reboot. That seems a bit illogical, since I now have to add the route every time I restart unraid. Shouldn't that be something that gets saved to the config? If not what is the reason behind that decision? How can I bypass this and keep it persistent?


The second is to do with a performance option that also seems disabled. Im no expert on this but on other products you can have the system manage the RAM a bit better for your VM's. So for example (wouldn't recommend overprovision as can cause problems - just did this as a test to show an example) if you enable ksm through the command line you can see that I can allocate 12GB to VM's and if I start them up carefully and give ksm time to run the actual usage can drop to much lower (like normally 20-30% less RAM is used I believe). Why would unraid have this disabled, or no way I can see in the web interface to enable it, yet the modules for it are present and ready to be used? Is there a technical reason I dont know about that makes this unsuitable for use? It seems like something worth enabling if there is no technical reason preventing usage, for example if I cat pages_sharing I see its value is 1559164 = approximately 6GB (1559164*4096/1000000). If this is not going to be added, then again just like the route issue how can I make such a change persistent on a reboot?


Many thanks for anyone who has any comments in advance. You time is appreciated :)





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I solved this by downloading the ca user scripts plugin and adding this script to achieve what I wanted:


ip route add dev br0
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/run

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