Replace several drives at once

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I have 2 parity drives and 10 data drives in total. All drives are 3 TB's in size. I want to replace 3 drives at once for newer drives. I have less than 3TB total data on the server as I just set this up. Can I shut down the PC, and replace 3 drives and then reboot and have the parity rebuild? The 3 drives I want to replace are NOT parity drives.

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You can only rebuild as many disks as you have parity disks, so no you can't do 3 at once. Parity doesn't contain any of your data and can't rebuild any of your disks by itself. It requires data from the other disks to do the calculation.


Really it's best to only try to replace them one at a time so you still have some redundancy during the whole process.

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