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I have been sitting on my 2nd pro key and finally stopped procrastinating about building a 2nd unraid server.


My old server is still humming along and will be my backup server. The old server was a athlon ii x4 615e with 32gb ram.


Just built a Ryzen 5 3600 using an MSI X570 board in a phanteks enthoo 719 case (probably not going to use the dual system potential just like how many drives I can stuff in there) , 32gb DDR4 Ram, Nvidia gt240 I had laying around since no iGPU, 4x8tb for data array, 1x8tb parity, 2x500gb nvme ssd drives I had laying around for cache pool. Also added a LSI 9211-8i flashed IT mode for additional growth.


Using krusader to sync folders from old server to new.


Going to be running Plex, nextcloud, mariadb Dockers. Going to get duplicati + backblaze for off-site backup going. Might start messing around with sonarr, nzbget etc and others for my downloads.


Plus now I have a nice place to put my new unraid case badge!55b528e2dffcafe4f684e5b8352ebef8.jpg&key=07d7447b9f470febc1df0aec247590aa94268b81476455ff60541fa46cc938b8


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