Norco cases build quality?


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I'm thinking about switching my components to a Norco case, instead of expanding via expensive HDD racks. However I've read from time to time that build quality can be a non-trivial concern with these case. In particular, the backplanes have failed on some units. On the other hand, if I keep going with a regular case, the final cost could run twice as much. What are your thoughts?

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Some users of the 4020 report drive temperatures around 45C, despite the use of the very loud fans in the Norco. Is that consistent with you guys' experience?


I replaced the supplied fans with 120mm PWM fans.  I run a script to drive the fan speed based on hard drive temps I modified from a thread on this forum.  I have them set to go to a medium speed when a drive temp exceeds 33 degrees, and then full speed when a drive temp exceeds 39 degrees.  I rarely hear the fan speeds go to medium and have never heard them go to full.

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I have the 4224,


Run the stock 4 fans in the middle, they are louder but not too bad. About as loud as my gigabit switch and it sits in the pantry.

The two rear fans are jet engines, I've replaced those with quieter 80mm fans. My drives only run about low 30s in tropic weather although it isn't fully populated at the moment.



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I have the 4220 case...


Like poster above, I'd give it 8 out of 10 as well.  Solid performer for your bucks.  As for the temps... I'm using the stock 80mm fan board (made the 3 pin cable and it's plug into the mobo's chassis fan) and changed out the rear 80mm with Arctic 80mm pwm's.  Temps are: CPU - 26-27, mobo - 23, and HD's are in 22-23 degrees (4 on mobo w/o temp data  :-[ and 4 on SASLP).



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