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HI all, installed backblaze_personal_backup without issue

But can't get it to get past the initial screen


I keep getting the error "The installer could not communicate with...."


How can I get round this?








All other docker containers are fine, but can't get this to work

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I recieved a reply from analogj on reddit as follows;



apologies, I should have paid more attention to how the community has been deploying scrutiny. Unfortunately I've moved the docker registry where scrutiny builds are uploaded (ghcr.io/analogj/scrutiny:master-omnibus vs docker hub), and I ended up deleting the old docker hub registry, which is what caused this issue.

can you link me tot he Unraid configuration/deployment documentation for scrutiny? I can discuss with the developer and get a fix rolled out.


I have pointed him to the direction of @Roxedus on his github page so he can get in contact and hopefully get this sorted asap and us back to receiving updates.



tagging @ijuarez as you were interested.

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I just followed the steps to install Backblaze_Personal_Backup and got this error after logging in and finishing the install

Error: ERR_NotificationDialog_bad_bzdara_permission_Msg (Can't see the full message)


I followed all the steps on the github and see the D drive.


Anyone know what this means? The backup seems to be running just fine.



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