Triple monitor stand that converts to 3 separate work stations?


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I don't know if what I am looking for actually exists or not. But so far, I have not come up with anything. What I want is a triple monitor stand that I can use the majority of the time as a single monitor when I am using the system alone. I would like it to angle out around me for immersive gaming. But I also want the 2 side monitors to swing out to a position about 90 degrees from the center to create 3 separate stations for 3 users to game together. I am sure I could use one of the million triple monitor stands on amazon, but I was hoping for an electric model with programmable position memory. Basically, I would like to hit one button and have it swing out to 3 player mode, then hit another and have it swing back into the correct position for 1 player/user workstation. If i go the generic non-powered arm route, I feel like I will have to be making constant minute adjustments to get it aligned correctly each time I move it between the 2 modes. I have seen several sitting/standing models with presets for height, but nothing for arm angle. 

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