New Build, looking at intel and amd. Can't decide on chipset either.

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Currently have a Ryzen 1700, It's currently used for my dockers and a gaming vm, all access is via streamline but performance has been ok. I can't say if how close to native is anymore as I'm not passing through a monitor directly.


I have a spare intel 270 chipset board, I could get a 7700k and get a PC up and running. However 4c/8t would be a bit tight to run two  windows VMs.


Also looking at intel 300 chipset board with a 9700k


Also looking at x299 boards and 7920x.


I will be splitting the load between my current system and the new one, however I would like 2 gaming pcs in the new one and if possible spare resources for work based vms (no gpu)


anyone want to make any suggestions or comments?

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I went with a cheaper option due to needing a spare computer at a later date to run CCTV somewhere, for the moment I'll try running two VM's. This let's me sit and plan a new build properly.


Managed to get a 7700k, ram mobo and cooler for reasonable price. Already had a spare board and intend to take 32GB out of my Ryzen system.


It'll be a 7700k with either an Asus Prime-A 270 or Asus Strix 270F. Will have both boards.


I'll get to test how well the VM's run, hoping to get away with giving each VM 1 real core and splitting a 3rd between them.  Which may well fail since he has 6 vcores on the Ryzen system.


One good thing about this is freeing up my Ryzen system for other tasks.

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After spending a year or so enjoying passthrough VM's on Ryzen, I had a good idea what I could get out of it.

Both the users access all the games via Steam clients or Steamlink type devices. I'm only looking for around 60fps and really not looking at 4k gaming or anything.


Ended up building a system with the following

X-Case XK445S 4U


32GB Ram



Array Disk - 128GB SSD (This is just a temp solution and will put some disks in it at some point)

Unassigned Disk - Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280


I know it's not advised to share cores between VM's, however.


VM1 1070ti, Cores 2+6 & 3

VM2 1080ti Cores 1+5 & 7


Currently getting 60 FPS in Quake Champions, Overwatch, Minecraft & C&C RA 3.  GPU's will be cpu limited but they do work.


Same results on both machines, need more testing to see if any real slowdowns. 

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