VM's missing after cache drive corruption (solved)


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Long story short, my cache ssd failed. I managed to restore my appdata and system folder completely.

But no for some reason all my VMs are missing (VM were not stored at cache ssd even), all VM images are  still present at /mnt/user/domains.

It seems to be unraid is looking for some information from now removed cache ssd for VM's because there was no way to use "mover", i had to restore from backup.

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1 minute ago, johnnie.black said:

The XML for all VMs is stored in libvirt.img, it's a good idea to back it up, if you don't have one you can recreate the VMs as they were and point to the original vdisks, though some might not work with just that.

Yup, libvirt image was also backed up and restored to its original location. 

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