4 Drive Failure With Dual Parity and Blank Drives

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Thanks for that. However, won't that wipe the remaining drives in the array?


I forgot to mention that these are the last 4 drives of 12 total (2 parity and 10 for the array). I have data on the first two drives in the array that I wish to keep. Is there a way to start the array without the failed drives and get the data off? I could then rebuild the array and move the data back.

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1 minute ago, TBG_Killer said:

won't that wipe the remaining drives in the array?

No, it only resets the arrays assignments, you can even select to keep current assignments, then just add the new disks and start the array to begin a parity sync (new disks will need to be formatted), the main danger when doing this is if you assign a previous data disk to a parity slot, that would result in data loss.



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