Unraid server does not boot after update to 6.8.1

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I had my server offline for like 4 months. Turned my server back on line and it was working fine (minus one drive failure) until I did an upgrade to version 6.8.1. Now it does not work. The DHCP was enabled but I was getting a random IP (169.XXX.XXX.XXX). I went and manually configure the IP using the command line. But still I am not getting the GUI. I have tried to boot with GUI, no GUI, no plugins and nothing works. When I manually set the IP I tried to ping it without any response. At this moment I am just clueless. I am thinking to create a new flash drive. But the problem with that is all the configuration that I have in place. I have 3 VMs, over 20 Dockers, etc.

Any suggestions on how I can replace the flash drive and port over all the required configuration files.

I think the installation (Upgrade) has been corrupted because when I selected the upgrade I did not recall to see the "Upgrade succeeded please reboot server". But I reboot the server anyway and now it does not work. 

I can create the diagnostics, but since the network is not working at all I cant download them to my PC.

Any help is appreciated.


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I got it resolved. I basically took a fresh copy of unraid 6.8.1 and copy my old /config folder, then after a reboot it did not work. So, I took another fresh copy of 6.8.1 and preformed an upgrade to 6.8.2 and it did survive the upgrade. I still don't know what happened but I got the diagnostics, I will read them to see what I see in order to help others.

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