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added new drive to array, but cannot add to share ?

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Hey got a weird problem, hoping im not missing something simple, i installed a new drive in my unraid array (disk 6), formatted, can see the "disk share" for that disk, but cannot add it to my user shares ?  doesnt show up in the include/exclude list ?


disk 6 is the new drive, also disregard the temperature i got two dead fans in this box ... gonna get a new one from amazon asap





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ok, think i solved my own issue... looks like its not automatically added to the included on global share settings...

is this a bug or a feature ?


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When you deliberately select "included" disks, it will NEVER automatically add a new disk to the selected list.


If you want ALL disks to be included (the default) then unselect all and any new disk is automatically included.

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interesting, i have no recollection of changing this setting, although ive been running unraid for probably 7+ years... so who knows...

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You must have changed this setting at some time and probably forgot about it.


Uncheck ALL, to get the expected behavior.

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