Enhanced macOS Interop - VFS Fruit, and some questions...

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A few years ago I enabled the Enhanced macOS Interoperability flag on the SMB settings. After banging my head against a wall with a problem I had, I realized that it was this setting that was causing the problem and I disabled it again. The problem was that I had set up a share on unRAID that all users in my house (unRAID user accounts) were assigned to as I wanted a shared file repository, and with Enhanced macOS turned ON, they could access it but no one could read any files put there by any other user. I could not find any way to circumvent this except to turn it OFF.


Now I want to set up Time Machine shares on unRAID. As it turns out, it looks like I have to, once again, enable Enhanced macOS... to make this work.


Some questions...


1. Is it possible to use Time Machine shares without the Enhanced macOS Interop flag turned on?


2. Is it possible to have Enhanced macOS Interop turned on, but avoid the ol' problem I had before, where I want everyone to have read/write all access to a single SMB share?



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