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Cyberpower or something else?

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Hello Community,


Would this UPS be enough?


i'm having a gaming rig and i was planning to buy a UPS because even tho it rarely ever happens, but i did get some issues from the power outage a few months back, so i wanted to ask you if this would suffice or if there is a better value/product


Cyberpower Value Serie 1200 VA

the thing is i need over 700w because my power supply in my PC is a 700w power Supply and there are some UPS for sooo much money but i'm not sure if i ned those, all i want is to give my server a really good chance to shutdown

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Get a way to measure how much power your computer actually uses while running. Just because the PSU is rated for 700 watts doesn't mean that is how much it's using.


I use this https://amzn.to/37NhhEi

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Keep in mind that you want to be able to get your machine fully shut down before the batteries are halfway depleted. To that end, you need to measure the actual draw of your tower during a parity check, that should be pretty close to peak draw. Then you need to time a shutdown from a normal unexpected shutdown state, meaning all your VM's running and doing things, containers running, etc.


Once you know your peak draw, then you can look up the runtime curves of various UPS models and find one that will give you enough time margin at that draw and still leave approximately 50% charge left.

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