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I wondering if anyone can suggest an upgrade path for me given the attached image.  I built my box about 6 years ago (simply following videos), set it, and forgot about it.  Up until about a month ago it was running like a charm.  After a major drive crash I started playing around again and began adding containers.  I notice now that my machine runs at full capacity often.  Important to me is simply being able to swap out required MB, CPU and RAM.  I do not want to have to switch up cabling et al.  I have about 15 friends sharing my Plex which is a separate machine. I would like to move it as a container. Would also like to start getting into running vm's. Thanks.




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You may want to investigate simply upgrading the CPU, it looks like you can almost triple your CPU passmark without changing motherboards or RAM.


BTW, your signatures look extremely outdated, you should probably either update or delete it on your profile.

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For that board best CPUs are Xeon E3 v1 or v2, from the E3-1220 up to the E3-1290, any v2 might require a BIOS update, so if upgrading make sure it's up to date before removing current CPU.

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