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Getting Mailcow to run in Unraid

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Hello dear Community,


I'm currently trying to migrate Mailcow from my VM to unraid directly over the docker-compose plugin in nerd-tools


i migrated everything as stated in the mailcow documentation (volumes and the folder with docker-compose)

however the only thign that doesnt really want to start is mysql, also the folders don't exist on my unraid system

do i have to recreate them onto my unraid server?



or do i have to do a clean install ? since i only got one mail account i would jsut export my mails, contacts and calender and reconfigure it, but maybe someone got a better solution

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-04 um 16.33.46.png

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I want to do the same, does this worked for you at the end?

How did you setup the network?

I dont understand what did you do with docker compose, didn't you install all the dockers separately?


I would appreciate a lot if you can  provide a step by step guide with all the details until the creation of each docker, I know how to create each docker manually but I'm confused about the docker compose part and the network config.



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