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Do I need to manually create my custom networks for dockers at CLI in addition to assigning bridge members in UI?  I created a custom network a while ago when the feature was first released and I'm looking to add another.  I have additional Ethernet ports that I'm looking to use.


br2 is my interface that I setup previously.  br3 is my new interface.





When I go to assign br3 to a docker image, it does not appear as a choice.



I've rebooted the server after adding the br3 configuration.  I also followed the instructions in this article about removing local-kv.db and restarting docker.


Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I just need to 'docker create network' as well.




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What version of Unraid are you on? 6.8? What are you trying to create the docker network for? I had my docker network working before upgrading to 6.8.. You can sort of see me fumbling my way through it in 6.8 after the upgrade broke it here, there is also a short tutorial someone posted on my thread as well. 

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Sorry, I should have stated.  Running Unraid 6.8.1. 


I've searched the Docker FAQ and documentation on whether I need to manually create the network as well as configure in the UI and I couldn't find anything stating that I needed to manually create.   I'm trying to create another network because I would like some dockers to point to a different default gateway on my network.



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