reset to factory for new build retaining key file


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Hello Everyone


I retired my Green server in my signature, sold the hardware but kept my unraid USB, I am looking to give this USB to my brother for his build and wondering if there is an easy way to factory reset it with out the hardware to boot and reset the configs, i found the obvious one like user shares i removed and plugins and machine name, SSL certs etc. should i just back up the key file and format the usb and reflash unraid to it and put the key file back?

Ideas and Suggests are all welcome

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Last time I needed to nuked my config, this was what I did:

  1. Backup my flash so I can undo should anything goes wrong
  2. Delete everything on the flash
  3. Download latest version from Unraid website, extract to the stick, make bootable etc.
  4. Get my key file email from Lime Tech to get the key file link
  5. Boot up Unraid, go to the registration page on the GUI, copy-paste the link in step 4 to the url and then click install key


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thanks everyone

I backed up the plus.key file under the config folder and tried to use the mac USB creator but that doesn't work on MacOC 10.15.3 (get a pasteboard error i posted on another thread) so i grabbed my linux/windows dual boot laptop and booted windows and wrote 6.8.2 (last version used as well on my old server) and was able to restore the USB and placed the backup of the plus.key under the config file

hoping that should work but i dont have a system other than the laptop to test it on and it wont boot on that

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