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This might be a dumb question, I'm not sure.  Couldn't find any good answers to this question googling it.  


I have a power supply with 2 8pin connections on it labeled VGA.  And I know that the manufacturers intention was that these ports would provide power to graphics cards.  But since I don't intend on having a graphics card in this system, with the right adapters can I use these ports to power drives?  I've seen online what looks like an adapter to convert this 8 pin to molex, but I think it's for the opposite of what I want to do.  I think they are intended to power a video card using 2 molex connections.  Anyway, any info is greatly appreciated.

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25 minutes ago, TSM said:

I think they are intended to power a video card using 2 molex connections

This.  The 8 pin doesn't have 5V on it, so you can't directly convert it to a molex.


Myself back in the day, I spliced the 12V lines from that connector into a molex (and used the 5V directly from the PS)

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