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Server can't connect to internet

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Powered on my machine and tried to search through the community applications listings and was greeted with this error msg after awhile of it loading.





Highlights in my LOG:


Feb 11 22:43:57 Tower wsdd[2107]: udp_send: Failed to send udp packet with Network is unreachable
Feb 11 22:43:57 Tower wsdd[2107]: Failed to send bye with Network is unreachable


Screenshot (14).png

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Just throwing this out there but you are bridging between 192.168.5 and 192.168.0    Have you tried just disconnecting br1 assuming your internet gateway is  You can also throw a dns in there of or or to see if it is your DNS that is hanging you up.  Just spitballing.


This is what my dual nic setup looks like but with my one nic off right now:



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Management of Unraid is always done on eth0 (br0).

Your first choice default gateway is pointing to br1, which doesn't give Internet access.


In network settings you need to remove the assignment of the default gateway for eth1.

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