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How to use/configure LSI 9211-8i in IT mode?

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Hi - I'm fairly new to UnRaid and NAS hardware so this might seem like a rudimentary question, but I'm having trouble connecting drives to UnRaid via a HBA controllers. I'm using a DS380 case with a SAS/SATA backplane (which theoretically shouldn't matter?)


I purchased a LSI 9211-8i already flashed to IT mode, and I was able verify it's indeed in IT mode via the LSI configuration utility, as shown in picture attached: 


However, whether it's through BIO or UnRaid, I wasn't able to detect the hard drives connected to it at all. I've always tried switching between SAS/SATA connectors on the back plane, or connecting directly to HDD but to no prevail. Am I missing something? A setting/step/configuration? Am I supposed to use the SAS or SATA connectors on the back-plane? 


Apologies for what might be basic questions, thanks everyone for the help! 




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1 hour ago, JustKev85 said:

or connecting directly to HDD but to no prevail.

Seems you got a wrong type SFF8087 to SATA cable. You need a forward cable.


Does HDD are SATA too ?

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Yes the HDDs are SATA, does this mean I should connect to the SATA ports on the backplane? I didn't know there's a forward/reverse type of cables, I'll check on that.

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post pictures of the back-plane, does the back place have SFF8087 ports or sata connections that makes a difference. 

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Woot problem solved! Looks like it's a problem of the cables. Still not sure how to verify if they're forward or reverse but tried a bunch of other cables and it works! Thank you for the help! 

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