(Solved) Just bought license now dockers won't start


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I've been running unraid in trial mode for the last 2 weeks. After getting things setup and running fine I decided to go ahead and purchase my pro license. I applied the license and then restarted the array as instructed. Then all of a sudden my emby docker wouldn't start. I noticed my plex docker started but the webGUI isn't working. My lidarr docker started and seems to be working. Then while trying to figure out why the others aren't working I got a notice from Fix Common Problems that my dockers are loading shares from unassigned devices and something about slave mode.


I figured out slave mode means I had to set the read/write to rw/slave. That solved the error for all containers but the emby docker still won't start and even though the plex docker says it's started I still can't access the webGUI.


My plex docker is using an unassigned ssd.

The emby docker is using an unassigned nvme.

Both are set as passthrough.


I've attached the diags. I hope this is what is needed to help me figure out what happened.


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Change share to slave
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I figured it out. My nvme and ssd unassigned devices did not auto mount after stopping and starting the array. I also did a reboot in hopes of fixing the issue but those 2 unassigned devices still didn't auto mount. So I turned pass through off, mounted the drives and turned pass through back on. Now both emby and plex dockers are starting.


I'll read through the link Squid posted, but do I have something set wrong for the unassigned devices not to auto mount? If need be I'll post that question over in the unassigned support forum.

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