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Unable to update docker images

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Just clicked Update all and after pulling down the images, each Docker update is coming back with the following:


Error: could not get decompression stream: fork/exec /usr/bin/unpigz: no such file or directory

The attached logs seem to show something corresponding to network bridging, maybe connected to a NIC change I made recently?




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I would say that this is related to the vmbackup plugin, since it's installing pigz

Feb  1 12:41:41 Tower root: | Installing new package /boot/config/plugins/vmbackup/packages/pigz-2.3-x86_64-1_slonly.txz

Remove the plugin and reboot and see if the problem continues.

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Will push a fix. Thx.

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Hmmmm 🤔. Okay, just did some checking and it looks like docker looks for pigz by default.

That said, when the plugin installs pigz, it does add /usr/bin/unpigz. Possibly your installation was corrupted somehow, since I just checked my dockers and two of them needed updated. I then ran Update All without issue.


It seems like reinstalling the plugin could fix the issue for you... unless I'm missing something?




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