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I cannot access unraid shares

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I cannot access my shares with the following message:


Error code 0x80070035

The network path was not found


I have followed all the online tutorials:


verified workgroup naming convention 

enabled networking services suggested in posts

enabled SMB in windows features 

enabled insecure guest logons in local group policy lanman workstation


nothing is working!


I have had networking issues in the past however this is just ridiculous.  i attached a photo showing my network seeing the Unraid box just fine, i simply cannot open the link.....


I have been researching this NAS solution for quite some time and am ready to purchase if i can simply access the shares. if i cannot access shares then i have no use for this product. i have no issues connecting to the interface with the IP nor any issues with ping...




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You might want to try using the server’s IP address instead of it’s name in case your issue is related to name resolution.

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yes tried that as well as mapping the share using IP and root credentials. that does not work either. i tried multiple machines on my network, incase something is corrupt, and none will access the share.  its very frustrating and reminiscent of win 7 home group to win 10 issues. 

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20 minutes ago, JXN69 said:

root credentials

Those are only valid to manage Unraid's web GUI or the console, they are specifically disallowed from accessing shares.

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understood, just was trying anything that "may" work. i'm getting denied access for some reason even with all my shares set to public. accessing the interface through the network is not a problem so the network connections is fine. 

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HOLY SMOKES! deleted the credentials from credential manager, used \ as my user name. now i have access....... WHAT? .... not sure what microsoft is up to.. 

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