Reverse Proxy without Internet Connection


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Hi everybody,


I recently had an event that dramatically reduced the WAF of my server and I am now searching for a solution for this.

So my ISP had a complete outage for a couple of hours. As sometimes everything comes together I was on a business trip and out of town.

As I have every service routet per reverse proxy my wife uses everything with the reverse proxy address of our toplevel domain.

Now as the whole system was offline she could not reach the internal services anymore. Meening she could not even close the shades for our son to sleep. 

You all can imagine what happened... she called me. I told her the internal IP adresses and Ports and we kind of got trough. 


But this event kept me wondering if there was any way to use the same domains for routing even when the whole system is offline?

If it helps we are using a pi-hole and I am willing to install any docker that helps.


Thank you in advance.



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