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Hi, everyone. I appreciate any assistance that can be offered.


I currently have an aging Synology DS415+. It has ran Plex faithfully for many years, but I'm looking at building an Unraid NAS to replace it or use in conjunction with it, but I don't know where to start. I don't consider myself a noob, but I have never built a computer or NAS from parts and don't know where to begin. I visited the local MicroCenter and the person directed me to the prebuilt QNAPs and other NASs, which is not what I was wanting and he stated that they did not have any cases in stock that would hold more than 2 hard disks (so nothing that would work for a NAS).


What I'm looking for is a parts list - preferably for everything I would need to get it up and running (everything from the case, to the motherboard, to the processor, and GPU). I've done a ton of digging and searching around and haven't had any luck. I would like something with a pretty beefy processor and possibly a dedicated GPU for 4k transcoding (at most 2 streams at once locally) - note, I have one person who watches video with subtitles, so that transcoding may have to be sent to the processor and can't pass through the GPU (or that is my understanding), so that's why I was looking for a beefy processor to handle that. As most of my storage currently is media, I would like a case with plenty of drives (my Synology currently only has 4) for upgrades laters. I don't really want to be replacing the NAS in a few years, so if that requires getting components that are a bit higher end to future proof it a bit, I'm willing to go that direction.


I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks!

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I call bull on that CSR saying they don't have any cases that hold more than 2 drives. The Define R6 is a very popular one that can hold 11 drives (with extra caddies sold by Fractal):


It's not my area, by the Nvidia Quadro p2000 is very popular as a dedicated transcoding card. If you only needs are NAS + Plex, a p2000 matched with pretty much any other hardware will do the trick.


Keep in mind you will need to use the Unraid Nvidia plugin/builds: 


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