Containers inconsistently "losing" shares


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Hi all - just a quick issue i'm having with my containers that i'm hoping to get some help with.  


I've got two unraid servers, "fileserver" and "appserver", the former running 6.8.1 and the latter running 6.8.2 (through the NVIDIA plugin).  My series, movie, and book folders are publicly exported via NFS on the fileserver and mounted on the appserver via the unassigned devices plugin.


The issue i'm having is when it comes to docker containers - i'm running containers for sonarr, lazylibrarian, plex, and radarr.  About once a day, the Radarr and Lazylibrarian containers lose their connection to the fileserver, citing a "Stale File Handle".  However, the sonarr and plex containers never lose their connection.  If i restart the containers with the error, all is fine again.


Any idea where to start diagnosing this issue?  Thanks!

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