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If you accidentally assign a data disk to the parity slot its data will be overwritten by parity. That is the most likely result if you do it wrong.


4 hours ago, Eviltoon said:

I forgot to backup my Flash drive

Do you mean you don't have a recent backup, or do you mean you NEVER got a backup of flash?

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Other possible information that might help are diagnostics or syslogs that you might have saved, or screenshots of Main that you might have saved.


It might also be possible to deduce which disks must be parity or cache. If one of your disks is larger than any of the others then that would obviously have to be the parity disk. If any of your disks are SSDs then those were (or should have been) cache.


Do you know how your cache pool was configured? Single cache disk or multiple?


If we can eliminate the cache drives then all other disks could be assigned as data and none as parity so parity wouldn't be able to overwrite any data. Then we could probably tell which disk was parity since it doesn't mount.


Please don't do anything without further advice.

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Well, you should be able to assign your disks just as they were and not lose any data that was on the disks. And if your data is still there, then you will still have your user shares, because the user shares are just the top level folders on all disks. But you won't have any of the settings you made for those user shares, so they will all have default settings.


You also won't have any of your other settings, so you would have to do them all again. If you had any dockers then you won't have any of their templates, but if you can set them up again exactly as they were then their appdata should be fine since that is on your disks.

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2 hours ago, Eviltoon said:

I am having a new problem I went to  And stall the community plug INS and I'm getting an error here is a screenshot  How do I fix it

Since you also posted about this in the Community Applications support thread I recommend everyone that might be interested in responding take that discussion there so our responses can be coordinated.

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8 hours ago, Eviltoon said:

I am having problems accepting the license agreement here is a screenshot  How do I fix it


Post your diagnostics before you reboot.  This isn't a CA problem.  🙂


While I could replicate the identical error you saw, I did it by forcing the system (I deleted the referenced file docker.cfg)


However, after my wee further investigation, the rest of the docker system (ie: Settings - Docker to simply re-enable the service and have it create the file) went haywire.


This file *always* exists on the flash drive regardless if docker has ever been enabled or not.  (A reboot recreates it)


What I'm surmising is that you updated CA, and then right after that your flash drive had problems (probably "bread" errors in the syslog).  At that point, everything in the GUI would pretty much get messed up one way or another.

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