Trouble Finding a male SFF-8463 to female SFF-8087 cable?


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I have a question about finding a cable that I am having some trouble with.


I'd like to relace the IBM M1015 in my system with an LSI 9305-16i. 


My drives are all in a StoragePod 4 with cables that end with Male SFF-8087 connectors.  Becaues of the case design, it is not possible to replace these cables.


I am trying to find a cable that will go from the female connector, an SFF-8463, on the 9305-16i to the male connector of the SFF-8087 cable to the drives,


Thus the cable needs to be male SFF-8463 on one end to plug in to the 9305-16i and female SFF-8087 on the other end to plug in to the cable running to the drives.


I have not yet been successful in this search.


I know there are differences between forward and reverse cables that I do not fully understand, so I may not be using the correct search terms.


The cables I've been able to find on Newegg, etc., all appear to be female SFF-8463 on one end to male SFF-8087 on the other end.


Any help that folks can offer is much appreciated.


Thank you in advance.




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On 2/25/2020 at 1:53 AM, said:

Cables like that should be very difficult to find, you could use something like this:


image.png.7c4d52e4376268203a2ccf96e0de120b.pngthen image.png.f0bfb37f7a248fbeb1ec58543d9d0a7f.png

Though total length from HBA to drives should be max 1 meter, assuming SATA drives without a SAS expander on the backplane.

What are those?  Can you suggest source or search terms?


Thank you!



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17 minutes ago, uldise said:

The problem with that is that the 8087 end is male, and I need an end that is SFF-8087 female to connect with the cables I have.


Thanks for looking for me, though.  I appreciate the help.



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