Help with passthrough - x570 Aorus Master

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Hi, I recently build my new unraid server, and today i'm trying to get a virtual win 10 gaming machine to work.

After following Skitals thread i successfully managed to passthrough one usb controller and the 'Non-Essential Instrumentation', in my case: 08:00.0, 08:00.1, 08:00.3.
Via Spaceinvaders advanced gpu videos i also managed to passthrough my gtx1070 with nvida soundcard.


Problem 1: The sound from gpu (hdmi to monitor with builtin speakers) rarely works. i got the standard windows "ping" sound when doing stuff. But if i try to watch youtube in best case the sounds and voices sounds robotic. standard sound is a high pitch sound, or scraping. Like test pages on old TV broadcasts.


Problem 2: If i try to passthrough my builtin soundcard unraid completly freezes. The VM fails to start and is in a paused state, a few seconds later my 3900x load is at 100%, and i have to force a shutdown of the Unraid.
I have tried both BIOS (SeaBIOS and OVMF) and with each bios i have tried both i440-fx-4.2 and q35-4.2. Exactly the same issue, as soon as I start the VM everything crashes.

I have tried to forward the soundcard without excluding it from unraid.

I have also tried to exclude it via 'VFIO-PCI CFG' plugin and also via 'append vfio-pci.ids=1022:1487 initrd=/bzroot'


IOMMU group 37:[1022:1487] 0e:00.4 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse HD Audio Controller


What ever i tries, unraid crashes when i try to add it.


Any suggestions?

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On 3/2/2020 at 11:39 AM, lusitopp said:

Thanks for the reply, yeah I found it later in Skitals thread that it worked in linux kernel 5 that was used for 6.8-rc.

Since I don't want to downgrade I guess I will wait for 6.9-rc1

Hi @lusitopp

I am considering purchasing the same motherboard. Is the issue resolved using the latest unraid version?

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