Slow Network Transferspeeds

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Hi, i expierence some strange slow transfert speeds on my unraid server.


I'm moving from an old Server to a complete new Server with new Drives and "new" Hardware.


Now i have up and running Bonding on both Servers and the Switch with Trunked LACP.


But the maximum Transferspeed i see on Binhex/Krusader is about 450mbit - 620, mbit per Sec.


I have almost 24 TB of Storage on the old Server i will die on senility before the transfare is completed.


You have any suggestions for me ? i mean at least 1000mbit per sec is slow enough. But this really is costing me 3 days extra for transfering files.


By the way, the smallest files are around 10 GB so no bottleneck there. For transfering small files.

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