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I know WiFi on linux is not 1 2 3 boom done. And not all drivers are free (read that somewhere on the forum). But still I would love be able to create a separate IoT devices I then can route to dockers and/or VM's. Maybe a supported hardware list for the drivers that actually works. It could maybe be a plugin? This way any inconvenience or stability issues would not effect users that have no use for WiFi.


I know Christmas is a LOOONG way from now, but pretty please. :D

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+1 Based on my use case supporting hard wired is not a option due to the location and space around of my router. Back in 2005 I remember WIFI being a issue for Linux but that was ages ago. Don't even need to compile my Nvidia drivers now. ;-)

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I also request for WiFi to be an available option for us Unraid-ers. I have multiple setups, one of them is a mobile development box with mainly containers. In this case I'm not looking for a solid 100% uptime but a quick, easily managed dev box, which Unraid is perfect for, but because of the nature of the "mobile" it's rather cumbersome to rely on an ethernet port at all times. And to be honest those suggesting to buy an adapter, this is just a patch to an actual problem. Usually included antennas pretty beefy, most my mobos have Wifi 6E in them, not to mention it already comes with it for free! Plus I don't want to carry more devices and do extra setups. There's definitely a need for wifi to be supported, and trust me I hardwire everything possible that I know won't move, but in other cases it's really needed. I can also be used as an additional channel of communication for certain non-crucial services or to just not hog a single network.


So I dare ask for this feature to become reality! (Please!)

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I'm building a second computer and was considering running Unraid as the OS for flexibility installing VMs and as a backup storage array. But it will be located in a room that does not have wired Ethernet. Its primary purpose requires it to be in this location. Without Wi-Fi support, I won't be able to use Unraid and will have to install another OS with Wi-Fi support.

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16 minutes ago, pras1011 said:

Wifi 7 is only around the corner!!

Fingers crossed that it will actually perform better than wired in real world testing. I have yet to see a scenario where wireless was faster and more stable than wired outside of a controlled lab environment. Random RF attenuation and interference cripples every real life longterm install I've ever seen. Wireless works, yes, but wired still has its place.

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I would love to have built in Wi-Fi support. Linux has had decent Wi-Fi support for years so its not like you have to completely build it from the ground up. I know the work arounds, but they aren't as elegant or streamline as having it built in. I don't want to have to manage yet another device. (Wi-Fi Bridge) The stubbornness from a number of people suggesting this band-aid as the answer in lieu of just adding it really bothers me.

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On 12/18/2022 at 6:44 AM, Ruphus said:

The stubbornness from a number of people suggesting this band-aid as the answer in lieu of just adding it really bothers me.


On 12/18/2022 at 6:48 AM, pras1011 said:

100% agree with the stubborn attitude of some people.


99.9% of the responses in these forums come from fellow unRAID users and not Limetech employees.  The "stubborness" to which you refer is unRAID users giving you the only available solution which is "use a wifi bridge or a powerline adapter."  Other than suggesting something that does work, the only other option would be "find a different NAS OS that does support wireless drivers if it is that important to you."  No one replying with a suggestion has the authority to commit Limetech to including wireless drivers in unRAID.


Limetech has demonstrated no interest in adding wireless drivers to unRAID.  This issue has been discussed for years.  When Limetech does ask via poll or survey what features users want in unRAID, they never list wireless drivers as an option they are considering.


When I wanted to add a backup unRAID server in my basement, I punched a hole in a closet floor and dropped an Ethernet cable downstairs so I could run unRAID there.  Not the most elegant solution, but it worked and the cable is mostly invisible.


Lacking a direct response from Limetech with any new information, the responses given are just users trying to help and echoing what has been said in the past.  It does not appear that wireless drivers in unRAID are even on the roadmap let alone something that will come "soon."

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