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1 - i did my monthly parity check - and it took an extra day to complete, started at normal speed then slowed down as much as 17 MB/s at the end - gradually slower and slower... - here are my last several parity checks - i added another drive between the 2-29 and 3-03 parity checks.  

2020-03-03, 18:34:462 day, 18 hr, 34 min, 45 sec 33.4 MB/sOK0

2020-02-29, 00:33:111 day, 14 hr, 42 min, 33 sec 57.4 MB/sOK0

2020-01-31, 20:04:171 day, 10 hr, 36 min, 38 sec 64.2 MB/sOK0

2020-01-02, 11:04:371 day, 11 hr, 4 min, 36 sec 63.4 MB/sOK0

2019-12-02, 10:31:481 day, 10 hr, 31 min, 47 sec 64.4 MB/sOK0


2 - fix common problems says i needed unassigned devices plus (i have the non plus one installed) - when i went to check plugins - the installed plugins page failed to load over and over (including after reboot) - now it says that i have backup server or server settings running at the top of the page and that some settings plugins may be different..  And now it is failing to load again a few minutes later (It should be noted that my internet provider is having some problems today and connections to some pages are not working at the moment) - i assume this is the reason for that but not so sure about the backup settings thing?

EDIT - it appears that plugins page is working now with internet back.


I am attaching diagnostics for before and after the reboot and 1 minute power down of all hardware.

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