My VMs Aren't on the GUI anymore


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The system recently took a hard power down and upon reboot all of the VM instances are gone from the GUI. They were all working before and they are all still on the system. How can I get them imported back into UNRAID?





Here are the VMs:





Here's the error that I see:








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Your cache drive is completely full, this is preventing writes on the libvirt loop image, free up some space, re-start the VM service and it should return to normal, but it's always a good idea to backup libvirt.img, in case it gets corrupted.

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A number of things I see in your share and other settings.


First of all, if you or anything else is currently writing anything at all to your server, stop it until you get things moved off of cache.


Why do you have 60G allocated to docker image (currently disabled)? Unlikely you would need more than 20G unless you have something misconfigured. And I suspect you do have something misconfigured there because you have a duplicate .cfg file in the shares folder of your diagnostics.


Possibly there are some things that have lead to your current situation, and that may be just one of those things.


Your "appdata", which you have named "docker" instead of the usual "appdata", is all on the array and configured to not use cache. Just as well right now since cache is full, but you really want that all on cache eventually.


You have some of your user shares set to cache-no, but they have data on cache. Probably you set them to cache-no because you filled cache, but cache-no won't get moved to the array so those are stuck on cache.


In Main - Cache Devices, click on the folder icon at far right under View and post a screenshot.


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