HOW TO: Configure a NetApp DS4243 Shelf in Unraid

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57 minutes ago, MMTim said:

How/what should I do for the DS? Should I buy a 2nd UPS for the DS? And how do I make sure it only initiates shutdown AFTER the server has been shut down succesfully?

Or, is it OK if it just looses power without a shutdown after the server itself was shutdown correctly? (and therefore all id need is a bigger one, for which it is ok if it's jsut a dumb one, which outlasts the server's UPS)



The DS has no concept of 'shutdown' it is either on or off.


Therefore I keep my DS on a seperate UPS - so that the Unraid server and its mounts get shut down cleanly before the DS runs out of juice.


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tldr; Get a large enough single UPS to treat your server as a single entity all on the same UPS. You can use the small UPS to keep your modem, router, and switches running.


Keep in mind that if you have the computer and the DS on separate supplies, you must ensure that the DS is always powered up before the OS boots, and powered down after the OS has completed a clean shutdown. How you manage that is up to you, but be mindful of what happens during all plausible scenarios.


Normal startup and shutdown


All power loss scenarios assume you aren't around to manage things.


Power loss short term, power restored in less than a minute


Power loss long term, power restored after 10 minutes, subsequent power loss within a minute or 2.


Power returns after several hours.


I'd advise planning for the array to stay down until you can supervise and manage the startup, there are just too many moving parts and interconnected events to try to coordinate.

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Thanks both!


@jonathanm Getting both on one UPS; how would that work? I am not too familiar with UPSes, but I have mine hooked up to a usb port of my unraid server. This is currently working. When the juice is gone, it will, based on my settings, at some point in time initiate a shutdown. However, when I add the DS to this (or any other) UPS, what will that practically change? it will still initiate a shutdown at point X in time, but it will still have no way to initiate a shutdown on the DS, right? So it will jsut keep it powered on, until there's nothing left and then everything will just turn off... Right? Or am I missing something here? if I buy a 'dumb' high capacity 2nd UPS for my DS, of which I know for sure it will last longer than my Unraid UPS, then the result is practically the same right?


Aside from that, I do agree on the planning for power recovery/startup! thanks for the tip!!

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2 hours ago, MMTim said:

it will jsut keep it powered on, until there's nothing left and then everything will just turn off... Right?

Some UPS's can be configured to kill power to the outputs a short period of time after a shutdown has been commanded. Support for that feature is spotty, you will need to confirm the specific model you are looking at supports that feature properly through apcupsd or NUT.


Otherwise, yes, it will continue to run, draining the batteries until the UPS turns off to save itself. That won't hurt the DS, but it will reduce the useful lifespan of the batteries.


How often do you have power outages?

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