How-to Swap License to "new" Server / Stick

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5 minutes ago, cogliostro said:

I was looking for an how-to guide but all i found is for replacement of the USB Stick.


5 minutes ago, cogliostro said:

new Stick

That's the same process as the guides you've already found.  Basically, copy all of the files from one stick to another, boot the system up and it'll complain that the registration isn't for that stick and walk you through getting a replacement key.


6 minutes ago, cogliostro said:

new ... Server

The registration is tied to the stick not the server.

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Be sure that you make a backup of both sticks before you do anything!  You also need to keep the original   *.key   file in the 'Licensed Stick"   config    folder/directory associated with where you want the final license to be.  In your case, you want it on the "Trial Stick" when you decide to do the license transfer.  (When the transfer is done, the old stick will be blacklisted!

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