GTX 1650S not showing properly, VM won't start


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I just installed ASUS GTX 1650 Super in my Unraid server. When I assign it to a Windows 10 VM, I get the following error:




Google this error it looks like there's a bunch of stuff to try, so I will do some more research although if someone has some advice they can post here I would appreciate that as well :)


My other concern is that the video card doesn't show the name in the list, like my other one (GT 720). Instead of saying "Geforce GTX 1650" or something like that,  it just says "NVIDIA Device (04:00.0)", should I be concerned about that?




Here are my IOMMU groups:





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Install the VFIO-PCI Config plugin from the app store.

Then Settings -> VFIO-PCI Config then tick all FOUR devices in group 31 (GPU + HDMI Audio + 2 USB devices) -> click Build VFIO-PCI.CFG file -> reboot

In your VM template, you have to select the GPU, the HDMI Audio Device + tick both Nvidia USB devices in the Other PCI Devices section.


The 1650 (and similar gen GPU) have 4 devices that have to be passed through together for it to work.

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